2021 CELEBRATION SCHEDULE (subject to change)
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Celebration Begins
 5 pm

Greased Pole opens

 Field 5
 5-8:30 pm  Kid’s Activity Field  Field 5
 5:30 pm

Frog Jump Contest

Field 3
 5:30 – 7 pm
7:45-9:15 pm

Live Music:
Sweetwater Junction


 Field 1
7-7:45 pm

Chyann Rose

 Field 1
 9:15 pm

National Anthem

 Field 1
 Following Fireworks  Celebration Ends


Full Concessions will be available at the hub (building between Fields 1-5)
Coke Trailer Concessions available on Field 1 will have:
Hot dogs, Nachos, Chips, Water, Powerade (blue and red), Cotton Candy, Candy

Coke Trailer Concessions available on Field 5 will have:
Candy, Cotton Candy, Pickles, Chips, Sunflower seeds, Water, Minute Maid watermelon punch and Peak sweet tea

Frog Jump Contest

Frog Jump Contest — Bring your own frog!
Field 3, 5:30 pm

Amusement Games

Amusement Games & Inflatables

Games will be open from 5-8:30 pm ONLY.
Inflatable games are available free of charge! There will be wet and dry ones so come prepared to get wet! It is July in South Georgia so the kids will want to cool off! Please remember no shoes are allowed on the games.
Tattoo Art, Hair Painting and Games– Available free of charge to anyone interested!
Firetruck– Available for kids to look and explore from 5-8 pm

Greased Pole

Greased Pole Climb

Short pole for participants 10 years of age and younger.
Tall pole for participants 14 years old and younger.
Each participant gets (1) 2 minute try to climb the greased pole
Participants are not allowed to have help from others. It must be an individual effort.
After 2 minutes, participants are allowed to have another try, but they must get back in line.
The ONE person who gets to the top of the taller pole first will win $20 and the second gets a free t-shirt

  1. The ONE person who gets to the top of the smaller pole first will win $20.
    1. The second gets a free t-shirt
  2. After prize money is won, participants can continue to climb the greased pole.

The greased pole opens at 5:30


Mill Creek Regional Park Traffic Exiting Plan

Please note the following flow of traffic on Highway 24 for this event.

Starting at 8:45PM, no traffic will be allowed down Highway 24 from the 301Bypass to the recycling center just past the main entrance to Mill Creek Regional Park.  From 9:30PM until 10:30PM, traffic will exit out of the main entrance of the park using both lanes.  The right lane will be directed right or left onto Highway 24; the left lane will be directed left onto Highway 24.  Traffic exiting from residences and businesses across Highway 24 from Mill Creek Regional Park will only be allowed to turn right (west) onto Highway 24.  Both lanes of Highway 24 will go straight to the by-pass.  The right lane of Highway 24 will be allowed to travel right onto the by-pass or straight on Highway 24/East Main.  The left lane of Highway 24 will be directed left onto the by-pass.

Traffic exiting out of the back exit at Mill Creek will turn right onto Brannen Road and then left onto Beasley Road to Highway 80. The back entrance to Mill Creek Park will be used for EXITING ONLY.

Once all cars have exited from Mill Creek Regional Park traffic from Mill Creek Elementary will be directed right onto Beasley Road to Highway 80.  Traffic exiting from Bible Baptist, Trinity Church, and Barnes Lumber will be directed right onto Highway 24 to the by-pass for access to Highways 80 and 301.

Exiting preference will be given to people parked in designated areas within Mill Creek Regional Park.

Any traffic wishing to travel down Hwy 24 after 8:45pm will be rerouted to Hwy 80 east to Burkhalter Road where you will turn left and travel down to Zettwell Road and turn left again. This will take you back to Hwy 24 on the opposite side of Mill Creek Regional Park.

This plan has been created for your safety with the expertise of local law enforcement and Georgia highway patrol. Be safe.

Starting at 6:30PM, the Back Exit will be used for EXIT ONLY.  Traffic will be stopped at the intersection of Brannen and Beasley and only residents will be allowed to turn down Brannen Road.

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.s)

You may bring a tent and set up for your family/group but all tents must be down by 7:30pm when the main band begins! You may not set up tents on Field 2 or 5.

You may bring coolers but please no glass or alcoholic beverages. Concessions will be open.

Mill Creek Park is a tobacco-free park. Absolutely NO SMOKING or ALCOHOL in the park.

No pets are allowed in the complexes (around the buildings) or on the fields.

No fireworks of any kind are allowed inside the park by guests.

Grills are not allowed in the complex area. However, there are some provided in the area around the large playground.

Bring your chairs and blankets and find a spot for your family

No selling items unless approved and no handing out information except at booths.

Lost children will be taken to the information tent in the 5 Field Complex hub near concessions.

Traffic on Hwy 24 will be stopped at 845pm.

The lights will be turned off at approximately 9:15pm and will remain off for 20-25 minutes.

2019 Frog Jumping Contest Winners
10 & Under
Name Type of Frog Distance
1st Place Ada Mock Tree 17’6″
2nd Place Sophie Banks Tree 13’10”
3rd Place Riley Williams Tree 12’1″
1st Place Riley Williams Bull 108’1″
2nd Place Natalie Holloway Bull 53’5″
3rd Place Lily Mock Bull 51’2″
1st Place Lily Mock Toad 25’2″
2nd Place Ben Pryor Toad 24’4″
3rd Place Natalie Holloway Toad 20’2″
11 & Above
1st Place Lindsey Pryor Tree 20’11”
2nd Place McKenzie Wadsworth Tree 20’2″
3rd Place Kate Mock Tree 15’9″
1st Place Billy Williams Bull 65’5″
2nd Place Dailey Williams Bull 30’2″
3rd Place Thomas Pryor Bull 26’3″
1st Place Billy Williams Toad 24’7″
2nd Place Dailey Williams Toad 30’2″
3rd Place McKenzie Wadsworth Toad 23’9″
Smallest Frog Maddox Ashford
Biggest Frog Briley Williams
Most Unique Frog Natalie Holloway