Scores and standings:


Summer 2022 Adult Soccer Champion: Los Contratados







Summer 2022 Adult Soccer Runner-up: Michoacan







Final Regular Season Standings

Team                                                         Games Played                                        Points

Los Contratados                                      6                                                                13

Real Madrid                                             6                                                                10

Michoacan                                               6                                                                 10

Pumas                                                       6                                                                  7

Compas                                                     6                                                                 6

New Covenant Church                           6                                                                 6



Adult Soccer
For Information on the Fall 2022 Adult Soccer League starting in October please contact Lenard Robinson at 912-489-9054 or

Games will be played Sundays starting at 4:00 P.M. Teams will play 8 regular season games and tournament to determine champion.

All regular season games can end in a tie. Tournament games ending in a tie after regulation play ends will have one 15-minute overtime period. If a tie still exist after the overtime period teams will then go to penalty kicks.

Teams will receive 3 points for a win, 1 point for a tie, and 0 points for a loss.

Recommendations are to play 11 vs 11. Field dimensions will be 100 yd by 60 yd.

Game time is forfeit time. Teams with missing players can start with at least 8 players. Players that show up after the game has started will be allowed to join the game up until the end of the first half.

Players who do not have a team are able to join free agent pool by contacting Lenard Robinson at 912-489-9054 or by emailing

If interested, please contact Lenard Robinson by email at, or by calling 912-489-9054.