Bulloch County Recreation and Parks Church, Co-ed, and Open Softball League’s


Bulloch County Recreation and Parks is excited to announce the return of Church, Co-ed, and Open Softball Leagues at Mill Creek Park starting May 15th.

Managers can sign their team up by creating an account online at https://bullochrec.com/ or in person at the Honey Bowen Building on Fair Road prior to May 12th.

  1. Team Entry Fee of $400 is due by first practice game on May 15th.
  2. Games will be held twice a week. Teams will play 1 practice game, a regular season game against each team in the division, and final tournament to decide champions. Schedule is subject to change based on participant availability and number of teams playing. Final schedule will be decided at manager’s meeting.
  3. Players who do not have a team are able to join free agent pool by contacting Lenard Robinson at 912-489-9054 or by emailing Lrobinson@bullochrec.com.
  4. Church Division League rosters will be open. Managers will sign off on rosters each week.
  5. Jerseys of similar color are recommended for the league. It will not be mandatory for teams to have jerseys.
  6. Home Run Limit: Two Homerun then an equalizer for all leagues. Any homerun after the limit will result in an out.
  7. Games will be seven innings. There will be a one-hour (1 hour) time limit. No new inning can begin after this time, unless there is a tie.  The run rule will be 20 after 3, 15 after 4, and 10 after 5
  8. Each team must supply their own USSSA Classic M or Plus softballs. No other balls will be allowed!  All balls must be yellow!
  9. Players must be 18 years of age to participate.

If interested, please contact Lenard Robinson by email at Lrobinson@bullochrec.com or by calling 912-489-9054.