2024 All Stars Posted Teams – posted 4/26

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Youth Baseball/Softball
The age control date is September 1, 2024. (Child’s age on this date determines the league he/she will play in) Please note there are NO exceptions to the age control date.
No child will be allowed to play out of his/her age category.

Parent Pack Information (with rules)

Pee Wee Baseball
This program helps 4-year-olds get ready for sports by using a step-by-step approach that builds confidence and self-esteem, while making it fun! A parent and/or guardian (over the age of 18) must be present at each session.
Age Practice Days  Fee  Fee (after Feb 11)
4 Mondays only $45 $55
Co-Ed Play
T-Ball league is designed for first-year players. Rookie is a coach-pitch league. The Rookie league is designed for 6-year-olds who have participated in T-Ball and also for first year 7-year-olds.
League Age Practice/ Game Days Fee:
Fee (after Feb 11)
T-Ball 5-6 Tues/Thurs/Sat $45 $55
Rookie 6-7 Tues/Thurs/Sat $45 $55
Youth Baseball
PM= Pitching Machine; PP= Player Pitch
League Age Practice/ Game Days Fee:
Fee (after Feb 11)
Tiny Mite Boys  (PM)
7-8 Mon/Wed/Sat $65 $75
Minor Boys (PM)
9-10 Tues/Thurs/Sat $65 $75
Midget Boys(PP)
11-12 Mon/Wed/Sat $65 $75
Junior Boys (PP)
13-14 Tues/Thurs/Sat $65 $75
Senior Boys (PP) 9th-12th grade TBA $65 $75
Youth Fast Pitch Softball
PM= Pitching Machine; PP= Player Pitch
League Age Practice/ Game Days Fee
Fee (after Feb 11)
Tiny Minor Girls 7-9 Mon/Wed/Sat $65 $75
Midget Girls (PP)
10-12 Tues/Thurs/Sat $65 $75
Junior Girls  (PP) 13-14 Mon/Wed/Sat $65 $75
Senior Girls 9th-12th grade TBA $65 $75

   Player Evaluations Dates 2024

Youth Baseball/Softball Contact Information
The BCRP Youth Baseball/Softball Program Supervisor are:
Statesboro/Portal: Austin Stanford
You may reach him by phone at (912) 489-9083
Brooklet/Nevils/Stilson: Ronnie Melton
You may reach him by phone at (912) 842-2443
Youth Baseball/Softball Coaches & Co-Coaches

Thank you for being a coach to the youth of this community.
Please click here for all the information you will need to know as a coach.

We are always looking for great Volunteer Coaches for baseball and softball. Parents are encouraged to volunteer coach…we’ll train you! To volunteer or for more information on coaching,
please contact one of the supervisors at the contact information above or contact our office, by email or by phone at (912) 764-5637.

Summer Youth Baseball Camp

June 3 -6, 2024

530pm- 8pm


For boys ages 7-14

Focusing on the fundamentals of baseball. Meets at Mill Creek Park.

Pitch, Hit & Run

No pre-registration required, just drop in to compete.
Date: April 17, 2024
Time: 6-7:30 pm
Fee: Free

Age: 7-14 (as of July 17, 2024)

Location: Mill Creek Field 6

2024 PHR Participant scores by age

8 and under boys

8 and under girls

10 and under boys

10 and under girls

12 and girls

12 and under boys

14 and under boys

14 and under girls

2024 PHR Winners by category

Come show off your skills in pitching, hitting, and running at Mill Creek Park!
Winners have a chance to move up to the sectional competition.

For more information call (912) 489-9083

Rec All-Star League
FREE to tryout! $75 is paid when the player is selected. Season runs through mid-July. Tryouts, practices and game schedule to be announced during regular season. For age divisions of 10 & Under and 12 & Under Baseball and 12 & Under and 14 & Under Softball.
12 & Under Softball
14 & Under Softball
10 & Under Baseball
12 & Under Baseball
Summer Youth Softball Camp
June 3 -6



For girls ages 7-14.

Focusing on the fundamentals of softball. Meets at Mill Creek Park.

Around the Horn Copetitive Baseball/Softball

Please visit the Around the Horn page for tryout information.