In BCRPD’s tumbling classes, kids will have the opportunity to learn and strengthen various basic tumbling skills such as walkovers, handstands, cartwheels, round-offs and more.

$75 per child for the entire 6-week session


Winter Session Classes Start: January 8 – February 21 (Mondays & Wednesdays)

*Note that there will be no classes Jan 15 due to MLK Day*

*Note that there will be no classes during the week of Feb 12-16 due to Fall Break*

Tiny Tumblers: Ages 3-5: 3:00-3:45PM

Tiny Tumblers: Ages 3-5: 4:00-4:45PM

Terrific Tumblers: Ages 6-12: 5:00-6:00PM

Tumbling Titans: Ages 6-12: 6-7PM

Please make sure to park in the back parking lot as this is where we will enter and exit the building. Please wear athletic clothes and if your child has long hair, please pull it out of their face.  ALL Parents MUST remain in the lobby area during duration of each session! No parent will be allowed to remain in the hallway either. If parent is not comfortable leaving child with instructor, they should not be in the program. There is also a lobby area where parents can sit during Tumbling classes. If a problem occurs, an instructor will step out into the lobby to get the parent or give them a call on their cell phone.  For the duration of class, the door and windows will be closed to ensure the instructors has the children’s full attention as the program is a skill-based program. Parents are more than welcome to go into the class setting as well as speak to instructors before & after class. On the last day of class, parents will be invited in to see what the class has learned and will perform from the past 6 weeks!


Frequent Tumbling Questions

What does my child need to wear? Because this is a physical skill based program we encourage all children to wear athletic clothing. Gymnastic onesies are common, but a T-shirt and shorts will do.

Why can’t parents sit in on the class? For the duration of class, the door and windows will be closed to ensure the instructors has the children’s full attention as the program is a skill-based program.

When will I be able to see my child tumble? On the last day of class which will be September 27th, we will have a parent showcase where we invite all parents into the class to see what the kids have been working on for the past six weeks. Each family will be allowed to bring 4 guests due to the capacity limitations of the Multipurpose room and the building’s safety standard procedures.

What is the emergency protocol of the tumbling program? For the duration of your child’s tumbling class all parents are encouraged to sit in the lobby area, go to the playground or even run an errand during that time. In case of emergency the tumbling instructors can step out to the lobby to talk to a parent who may be in the lobby area.  Staff do have to the contact information of each family from the MyRec system.

What is the refund policy? Patrons can receive a full refund up until the end of the first week of the program. If the patron requests a refund during this time, it will also result in them or their child being removed from the program. After the first week, a partial refund along with being removed from the program can occur at the request of the patron.

 Tumbling Tips

Parents are highly encouraged to connect with tumbling instructors before and after the tumbling class.

Please remember that this is a physical skill-based program which requires coaching of your child’s technique form and other details of Tumbling.

We ask all parents to walk their children into the building & them in and out on our sign in sheet at the beginning and end of each tumbling class.

Standing in the hallway is not allowed due to potential safety hazards


Tumbling Contact Information
Justin Smith  (912) 489-9056