Bulloch County Recreation and Parks is excited to announce it will host NBA 2k24, Madden 24, and EA Sports FC 24 online tournaments.

The tournaments will begin on January 4th. Matches will be played each Thursday in January. Players can sign up by contacting Gage Byram at 912-489-9054 or by emailing gbyram@bullochrec.com.

  1. 18+ and 18 under divisions will be held for each league.
  2. The registration fees are $15 for 18+ and $5 for 17 and Under divisions.
  3. Games will be played on Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 gaming consoles.
  4. Participants will play matches each week. All matches will be scheduled for Thursday evenings at 7:00 P.M. A different match time can be agreed upon by both participants, but games must be played by midnight the day following the match’s scheduled date. If participants cannot agree upon an alternate match time the match must be played at its scheduled time. Teams will play a regular season match against each member in their pool and a single elimination tournament to determine a champion.
  5. Default teams will be used. Specific rules for each league will be discussed in a meeting prior to the start of each league.
  6. For more information and to register contact Gage Byram at 912-489-9054 or by emailing gbyram@bullochrec.com.