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8 and under local results

10 and under local results

12 and under local results

14 and under local results

Saturday, March 6, 2021
Statesboro High School

Order of Events Track Layout

For ages 7-14
Age control date: December 31, 2021 (age on this date determines division)

Event Start Times:

                                     9 am    –     8 and under (Born in 2013-2014)                                        

11 am   –   10 and under (Born in 2011-2012)   

1 pm   –   12 and under (Born in 2009-2010)

3 pm  –   14 and under (Born in 2007-2008)    

Each participant must arrive 30 minutes prior to their start time to check in for the event.

**Please note that some age groups may be combined based on registration numbers and you will be contacted after the deadline with exact times.**


Order of events – Available soon

Each child can select one Running and one Field event.

Running Events:Field Events:
50-meter dash (ages 7-10)Standing Long Jump
100-meter dashRunning Long Jump
200-meter dash
400-meter dash
800-meter dash


The results will be posted after the event and all ribbons will be mailed.
This will allow for a reduced need for contact of materials and participants with staff as well as the additional holding area.
All children will return directly to the parents at the conclusion of their events.

For more information about the local track meet, contact the Track Supervisor, Wallace Brown at 912-764-5637.